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A Life Extraordinary
By Tom Washington The Moscow News

He defined the face of Russian humor for postwar Soviet Russia. Yury Nikulin was an indispensable asset to the circus on Tsvetnoy Bulvar, as well as the Russian comedy and drama screen. A lynchpin of popular culture, millions of Russians grew up loving his work.

The Nikulin family had performance in their blood. Yury's father, Vladimir Andreevich, was a writer and director in the circus and theatre. The young Yury Vladmirovich dreamed of following his father into this febrile and exciting world, harboring ambitions to be an actor.

War in Europe put a halt to his dream. In 1939, Nikulin joined the Red Army, and soon found himself fighting in the Winter War against Finland. After that conflict, he volunteered to fight against Hitler in the Great Patriotic War, and served in a tank regiment until 1946. Reflecting upon his wartime experiences, Nikulin once commented, "I can't really say that I'm a brave person. I've often felt afraid. People express their fear in different ways: I take it calmly, whereas others prefer to cry, shout, run away. But I can't forget that first dead body I saw."

Throughout the war Nikulin did not let his talents go to waste, and nurtured his ambitions for the stage in a series of theatrical productions for his comrades. Inspired by his success and childhood dream, when the war was done he auditioned for Stage School. All of the colleges rejected him. However, encouraged by his father, he applied to the circus on Tsvetnoy Bulvar.

Nikulin was accepted, and it turned out to be a natural environment for his ready wit and spontaneous creativity. The circus was and is an innovative and creative setting for an artist, while the stage has always been more bound by the strictures of director and script. The circus was an inspiration for him. It was also the place where he met his future wife, Tatiana Propovskaya, whom he married in 1949.

In 1958 Nikulin starred in his first film, Girl with a Guitar. This was the start of a very promising direction in his career, leading to his big break in 1960 in Leonid Gaiday's Pyos Barbos i Neobychainyi Kross. Gaiday should be credited as the person who recognized Nikulin's potential. He created the unforgettabkle Balbes triology, in which Nikulin played the comic lead of Barbos, a role that brought him so much popular acclaim.

In 1961, he demonstrated his versatility and potential as a serious dramatic actor in Leo Kulidjanov's When the Trees Were Big. He played the tragic role of Kuzma Iordanov, who lost his family during the war and became an alcoholic. Through the 1970s, Nikulin played in a wider range of serious films, which included They Were Fighting for the Motherland, War and Peace, and Twenty Days Without War.

Nikulin never stopped working at the State Circus on Tsvetnoy Bulvar where his career had started, and would often return to the circus in the evening after a day's filming. In 1984, he took over its directorship, which occupied most of his time and meant he had to cut down on filming commitments. The 1990s brought serious health problems, and Nikulin had to undergo a complicated heart operation. During the operation his condition deteriorated; 16 days later, on August 21, 1997, Russia's circus star died at the of age 76. The best epitaph for Nikulin is probably his own words. "It's very important to be able to laugh and cry, to rejoice over one's own and others' victories, not to feel angry, not to envy. I dream there will appear a communion of kind and wise people on the Earth. Live in peace and accord, and remember that every second of laughter adds a minute to life."

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